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conWINce is your optimum performance coach, if you want to bring your full horsepower on the track, 365 days a year, as we just to.


My name is Susann Michaelis - as a health scientist, mental coach and former professional athlete, I am your expert when it comes to optimum human performance.

For over 8 years now, I am supporting businesses and professional athletes around the globe. With my exclusive „optimum performance blueprint“ in addition to many years of successful high performance coaching in sports& business, I am helping you to embrace your full potential, mental & physical health as well as wellbeeing and holistic success.
Optimum Performance blueprint
111 Sucessful customers
EU funded Lean Startup
10.000 hours training
One systen, 360° Sucess

What is  „Optimum High Performance“?
It´s finding optimal balance between high speed and fast recovery.

Who doesn´t know that feeling, too? You ran into busy days, call after call and a lot of meetings and tasks. Clear and precise decision making is hard to get, compromise after compromise your energy is rinsing thruogh your fingers like sand. You end up the day in growing frustration because you didnt make it all on your schedule and there is no more time left for familiy, friends and enjoyable things.
But it really doesn´t has to be that way. We give you clear strategy and easy tools to accomplish 360 degrees of success, without burning one part of your life down.
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High Performance - smart & sustainable

Believe me, nearly everyone is focussing on high performance and high speed to achieve their goals.
To be dedicated, highly motivated and bring passionate effort, is a key thing. But when you don´t have a clear reload strategy, a plan for growing success in physical and mental health, your success will either be not sustainable or the demage you do to your body, mind, soul or social environment is a price, way to high to pay, when its comes to success.
We do not have „the magic pill“ to bring you to wonderland, but we provide tons of self experience and academic backround to prepare you as best as possible for high performance and success.
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My strategy, your success!


We schedule a free first talk, where you get to know me and the structure of our collaboration as well as all possibilities for your improvement.

Strategy Talk

First step to improvement is to know your exact status quo. So we are doing a detailed analysis of your potential.
We recommend our free test too. (click here)

Succeed together

First step to improvement is to know your exact status quo. So we are doing a detailed analysis of your potential before setting effective improvements.

Sustain your Success

The end of our collaboration road is your personal succes. You learn lifetime tools but can also be part of our community for sustaining your success and always come back on track winning.

Need some daily inspiration?
No problem - join me on instagram for free advice, recipes or follow me behind the scenes when I am with my professional athletes for training or competiton.

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New Age Athletes Community

I have a dream …
That everyone can free its inner athlete and embraces its superpower with it. I am supporting you on your way back to the cockpit of your own life. It´s time to take your personal power back and to achieve your dreams and desired outcomes. Together we can achieve big - nothing is impossible.
Join our growing community and be part of a transitioning movement to become a value-driven and health-conscious performance society. We got your back!
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"There's nothing to top competence except more competence. You'll find it here."
Michael Hostmann
- CEO Planico Beratung
"The cooperation with Susann is always professional, innovative and reliable. I have been with her for several years and can say without reservation that it is always a lot of fun to work with her and to find creative solutions. I can only warmly recommend you.“
Ralf Mackrodt
- Founder & CEO Olao Health
trainer DSLV
"ConWINce optimum performance is my pit crew off the track. While the mechanics on the track provide for an optimally adjusted race car to celebrate victories, Susann as a sportsman and racing driver prepares me mentally and physically for best times. Thanks to conWINce's health-scientific support, I'm able to get to the start on the race weekends to the point of top fit and to get my best performance in competition. Good performance is essential in motorsport, Susann can deliver this quality reliably and consistently“.
Dominique Schaak
- Professional Race Driver Porsche GT Sports

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Our ships have completed their scan of the area and found nothing. If the Millennium Falcon went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now.

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Our ships have completed their scan of the area and found nothing. If the Millennium Falcon went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now.
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